• Who are the Airhead Misfits?

    The Airhead Misfits are hard to explain - they're not exactly a club, but more of a community, or perhaps even a mindset. What unites them is a deep passion for horizontally opposed BMW Airhead motorcycles. The Airhead Misfits celebrate not just the bikes themselves, but also the people who ride, maintain, and build them. They're a group of open-minded enthusiasts who appreciate all types of vintage motorcycles, but are particularly dedicated to preserving, enhancing, modifying, and improving BMW Airheads. Ultimately, the Airhead Misfits are more than just a group of people - they're a way of life for anyone who loves these classic machines.

  • Nick on his r50/2 Conversion

    Who keeps the lights on?

    The Airhead Misfits are led by Nick Malozzi, an avid Airhead rider himself. Nick's addiction to BMW Airheads has been a primary force in his life for over a decade. While he is formally trained in web and graphic design, his current career doesn't provide much of a creative outlet. That's why he started the Airhead Misfits "thing" in mid-2022, initially as just a crude mashup sticker. The positive response from friends led him to create an Instagram account, and eventually launch this site. While this site is operated as a business, profit is not his motivation. Learning new technologies, growing creatively, and connecting with like minded Airhead enthusiasts are the driving forces behind Airhead Misfits.

  • malozzi.codes, LLC

    Airhead Misfits operates as a DBA (Doing Business As) under the parent company malozzi.codes, LLC.